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LSA Members,

We provide the following as an invitation for a virtual annual general meeting.

It has been a year of change for the Lumsden Sports Association. The three biggest changes being with our operations structure, Covid-19 protocols and Duck Derby.

In the midst of last season, the structure of rink operations was changed on a trial basis. We moved away from a model of contracting out all services, to a model of managers and employees. The mid-season trial was successful, thanks to many local people, led in large part by Sean Stefan.

Following the conclusion of last season, we hired Natalie Haslund and Tom Buhay as co-managers for the Lumsden Sports Complex (LSC). Tom and Natalie proceeded to get the detailed structure for operations in place and hire staff accordingly. At this time, we have one full-time operator, 3 part-time operators and 4 cleaning staff. As you have seen, they have been doing an excellent job in making our facility function and sparkle. Most importantly, Natalie, Tom and staff have been staying current with Saskatchewan protocols for Covid-19, thus allowing us to open and remain open – no easy feat I can assure you.

As alluded to, the second big change for the rink was Covid-19. It hit Saskatchewan, and our rink, in a big way. March of 2020 saw the premature closure of the rink and an abrupt end to the season. Into the current operational season, we opened the rink in August and demand exceeded our expectations. We more than offset our start-up costs in an otherwise unprofitable time of year. September saw some normalcy take hold and we have continued on with operations in this modified state since then. Rink protocols have been changing in tune with government direction and thanks to all for their patience as these changes come into effect.

The last big change was with our primary fundraiser, the Duck Derby. It was cancelled this year due to Covid-19, but Jamie Lees and the entire DD Committee are working hard to bring it back next year, even better than ever. Jamie has led the committee to an earlier start than ever and we should see tickets out to our members in the coming months.

As far as past-season upgrades go, we repaired the ceiling in the rink and installed netting to prevent damage in the future. Some regular maintenance was also completed in the ice plant.

Looking ahead, we have some significant expenditures on the horizon including replacement of major components in the ice plant and replacement of the rink roof. These items are nearing end of life and will need to be changed. We continue to put aside funds to ensure that when the time comes, we can act – likely not for a few years.

We also plan to re-establish our own membership in the coming season. As you may be aware, the LSC is a community-owned facility, each of you are effectively owners. We do not have a membership registry now, but will be looking to re-establish this – stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

Finally, since this letter aims to serve as a major part of our annual general meeting, we provide the following formal information and questions to our members:

1. LSA Board Members include:

  1. President – Justin Lacelle
  2. Vice President – Jodi Haase
  3. Treasurer – Stephen Kurtz
  4. Director of Facilities – Trevor Bailey
  5. Director at Large – Ryan Shindelka
  6. Director at Large – Dave Cameron
  7. Director at Large – Scott Armstrong
  8. Director at Large – Devon Taylor
  9. Curling Club Liaison – Darrell Brandt
  10. Jamie Lees – Duck Derby President

2. LSA Affiliates3. Financial StatementsInline image

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4. We are seeking new board members as several are aiming to step down this season. If you are interested, please reach out to any of us.

5. If there are any questions on our past year, or the year ahead, please send them directly to justin_lacelle@yahoo.ca no later than 17:00 October 30, 2020 we will post your question and answer on our website at https://lumsdenrink.ca/

Thanks for your support this year and we hope you have a great season.Regards,
Justin Lacelle, LSA President